Course Catalog

Course Catalog refers to the listing of courses that are in the Office of the Registrar’s database, regardless of whether or not they are active, inactive, or offered in a particular semester.

  • Classes are offered based on the active courses on the Course Catalog.
  • Every new course, change in a course, or inactivation of a course, must be previously approved by the Dean/Department and Curriculum Committee, or the appropriate governing body of the school in which the course resides.
  • All schools of Emory University, except Emory College of Arts and Sciences, have to complete the “Request to Add/Change/Inactivate a Course” form. The form must be completed entirely and correctly, and submitted electronically.
  • The “Course Submission Guide” offers a detailed description of the key elements of a course, to ensure the submission is complete and correct.
  • Course Catalog Policy
  • Course Versus Class Guide


After a new course, or a change in a course is approved and submitted, please allow the Registrar’s Office at least 15 business days to process the request.  After the request is processed, the class can then be scheduled.  

For Questions and Concerns

  • Course Catalog
  • Administrative Processes and Procedures
  • Deadlines
  • Course Submission Policy
  • Course Catalog Policy
  • Course Versus Class Guide

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