Records and Transcripts

As the central repository for student records for the University, the University Registrar's Office is able to provide several documents that students and alumni may need. We are pleased to offer electronic or paper transcripts, at no cost, to all Emory students and alumni. We can also help you order a replacement diploma, assist with the apostille process, and update your biographical data in our student information system, OPUS.

Order your official paper and/or electronic transcript online through our Online Ordering Service

Enrollment and/or degree verification is the process by which a student's status at Emory University is verified.

Spring graduates may receive their diplomas at Commencement. Summer and fall graduates will receive their diploma by mail.

The process in which an official transcript and/or diploma is authenticated in order to be recognized as valid in a foreign country.

Calendar of Events

The official calendar of events for students

See Calendar

How to go about updating your student records (e.g. name changes, citizenship, SSN, gender, addresses, etc..).

Emory University adheres to a policy of compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.