University Course Atlas

Emory’s new University Course Atlas is a comprehensive search tool, which allows Undergraduate students, advisors, and administrators to find all information about classes offered, regardless of the program or career.  The shopping cart enhancement will be available September 2020!

University Course Atlas

Why Should You Use the University Course Atlas?

All courses. All programs. One place.

All undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs at the University feed data into the University Course Atlas. So you’ll be able to plan to take an entry-level course outside of your program, study an advanced graduate-level topic, or complete your 4+1 requirements all from this one handy resource.

Up-to-date course information.

The University Course Atlas refreshes itself using data from OPUS. As changes are made to course details and as students add and drop classes from their schedule, this information is reflected in the Atlas.

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Standard Class Search (OPUS)

Class search in OPUS is still live, but is less streamlined than the new University Course Atlas. Current students, faculty, and staff can access up-to-date class offerings, including enrollment information, via OPUS Class Search or the University Course Atlas.