Frequently Asked Questions

First, you must apply for benefits with the VA and receive your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

If you already have a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) use the link below to complete a Student Data Form. You must also attach a copy of your COE or EBenefits summary before submitting the data form.

Student Data Form

Applications for Yellow Ribbon are managed by the schools. The SCO does NOT take applications for Yellow Ribbon.

To apply for Yellow Ribbon you must email your COE to your school's Yellow Ribbon liaison.

Emory's current billing system is automatic, therefore payment reminders are sent to anyone with an unpaid balance

If you are receiving funds under the Chapter 33 Post 9/11®, or Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation program you are not required to make a payment or deposit to keep your seat in class. However, you must have completed all your required VA paperwork with both the VA and Emory AND have submitted them to the SCO.

If you are receiving VA funds from Chapters 35, 1606, 30, or any other program where the funds go directly to you; you must make all required payments and deposits by the indicated deadline.

No. Any money you pay out-of-pocket, or loans or grants you take out to pay your tuition will not reduce the amount of tuition we certify with VA.

For example:

If your tuition for the semester is $20,000.00 and you make a payment, or take out a loan for $10,000.00 to put towards your tuition; we will still certify your tuition with the VA for $20,000.00 and you will receive $20,000.00 from the VA.

No. Remember Emory certifies you 2x each semester. The first certification is to report your term dates, and credits only, so your tuition will be listed as $0.00. This is intentional.

The second certification occurs after the add/drop/swap date of the semester where we input your tuition and make any required updates to your dates/credits.

VA funds can take 6 to 8 weeks from the date of your second certification (when your tuition is certified) to arrive. If you have not received your funds after this time period you can call the VA at 1-888-452-4551 to inquire about the status of your funds.

Below are some common reasons why VA may not issue funds:

  • You have no remaining VA benefits (you will receive a letter/email from the VA when this occurs)
  • There was a delay in processing your certification either on the school side or the VA side (you will receive an email notice should either side expect this to occur)
  • Your benefits application was denied/delayed by the VA
  • You have received the maximum amount of tuition and fee funds the VA pays for the year.

VA pays a monthly housing allowance at the beginning of each month for the previous month. Below are reasons why you may not have received any/maximum amount of your Monthly Housing Allowance:

  • You have no remaining VA benefits
  • Your Rate of Pursuit (ROP) is not full-time
  • The percentage of residential (on-ground) credits you are taking is NOT greater than 50%.
  • You were not in attendance for the full-month so you've received a pro-rated amount.
  • VA has not paid your housing allowance yet.
  • You failed to respond the VA’s monthly confirmation notice for 2 consecutive months. (You must contact the VA to confirm your attendance)

A balance on your account can be due to several things both VA and non-VA related. Each time you are certified by the school and paid by the VA you receive an email notification, so a simple comparison of charges listed on your account and payments received from the VA may be all that is needed to determine the cause. 

Reasons for a balance may include:

  1. Your tuition costs exceed the maximum amount of VA tuition reimbursement for which you are eligible this academic year through your VA program. You can find this maximum amount at the VA's Rate Table site. Given Emory's full-time tuition costs it is possible that the VA funds will not cover an entire year's tuition. 
  2. You are still within the 6-8 week time period it takes for VA to send your funds
  3. You are taking courses in consecutive session order and you have not started some of your later session courses.
  4. Your VA education benefits expired
  5. Your balance consists of non-mandatory tuition and fee charges

At the beginning of each semester the Student Accounts and Billing (SAB) department is given a list of all Chapter 33 Post 9/11® and Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation students who are exempt from holds. If your name is on either one of these lists you can contact (SAB) to lower your hold. Please note: If you have a tuition balance after your VA funds have been received you will need to make payment arrangements with SAB to have your hold lowered.

This document is completed electronically by Emory through the VA. Once system during the "Certification" process. This is done for each semester that you are enrolled for classes, AFTER you have completed and submitted all your required paperwork AND you have submitted a certification request form for the upcoming semester.

It depends. Tuition restricted scholarships are deducted from the tuition amount that is certified with the VA. Unrestricted scholarships are NOT deducted from the tuition amount that is certified with the VA.

You must notify the SCO at if any of the following occur:

  • You withdraw or take a leave of absence during the semester.
  • You add/drop/swap or withdraw from a course
  • You return to active duty or are discharged from the military (or if your spouse has).
  • You change programs, declare a major or concentration of study, or matriculate from one degree level to another (Bachelors to Masters/PhD, etc.).
  • You fail a course/semester and/or are placed on academic probation.
  • You have switched VA entitlement programs.

Failure to promptly notify the SCO of any of the above changes may result in a delay of your tuition reimbursement, a balance on your account, or a debt owed to VA which will be paid by the school and charged to your account.

There are several variables that determine how much funding a student will receive from the VA; each student's circumstances are unique. It is never a good idea to share personal financial information with other students. Most questions VA recipients have are answered in this guide, or can be answered by the SCO or the VA. Please consult this manual or contact the SCO. or Student Financial Services, for matters pertaining to your funding.

If you believe an error has been made on your certification, please contact the SCO at Please note that term dates and training type (residential vs distance) are sent to the SCO by your school/program office; any correction request regarding these items will be verified with these offices before any amendment can be made.