Classroom Scheduling

Academic Scheduling

The Registrar’s Office handles all academic scheduling for the rooms in the Registrar Room Pool.  These rooms are requested during the course offering period and are assigned based on space availability.  Classroom change requests are handled through the CourseLeaf application. The current semester’s schedule of academic courses by location is available on the 25Live Event Calendar. You can also read our detailed policy regarding academic scheduling.

Registrar Room Photos

Registrar rooms are available to ALL students, faculty, and staff for one-time events after all classes are scheduled for a particular semester.

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Department Room Photos

Department rooms are available ONLY to academic department administrators for scheduling and confirmations.

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Department Room Calendar

The room calendar is a visual representation of room usage.

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One-time Event Scheduling

  • The Registrar’s Office schedules one-time events for the rooms in the Registrar Room Pool.  View a detailed policy regarding one-time event scheduling.
  • 25Live is a classroom space scheduling software used by the Registrar’s Office to schedule events into College owned classroom spaces that are part of the Registrar’s Room Pool. Events are those activities that are not associated with the semester course offering. Academic courses and “events” associated with the Registrar’s Room Pool can be viewed on the 25Live Event Calendar.

Contact Information

  • Registrar Classroom Information – Bryan Falgout (
  • Password information, reset or technical assistance for 25Live - Jennifer Stevenson (

Key Dates

August 19

Classes for Emory College begin.

August 26

Add/Drop/Swap ends for Undergraduate and Graduate College.

September 11

Degree application deadline.


November 24

Last day of classes for Emory College

December 3-4/7-11/14/16

Fall 2020 final exams for Undergraduate and Graduate college.

December 19

End of term date.

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