Grade Entry

Grading is a core function of the academic cycle. The content below will assist instructors in acquainting themselves with the process of grade entry, grade approval, grade posting, and grade changes. Please be sure to also reference the training materials as needed. You may contact our office at with any questions you may have regarding the grading process.

Grade Entry 3-Step Process

  • Faculty online grade entry generally opens 1-2 weeks prior to the last day of classes for a given term.
  • Grades are entered by faculty or grade proxy in OPUS under the Faculty/Advisor Center. Please note that proxies cannot approve and submit grades.
  • Be sure to save your entry as you enter grades.  Saving the roster will allow you to make changes before approving the roster.
  • Instructors should not approve the roster until all grades have been entered.
  • Grade Entry Deadlines vary by school.  Please contact your school representative for more information on your school’s grading deadlines.
  • Once all grades all entered, the roster must be to set to approved (Approve Grades) in order for the grades to post to transcripts. 
  • Grades will post on the next posting cycle (see step three).
  • Remember, grade proxies may enter grades, but may not approve them.

Grades begin posting late evening on the official last day of class for the term. Grades are not visible to students until they are posted in OPUS. After that, the grades will post in OPUS every hour. 

See the training material below for complete step-by-step instructions on how to enter grades.

Grade Changes: Faculty have the ability to change student grades for their courses electronically via OPUS. This access is available after the grade roster is posted at the conclusion of the semester.  Instructors currently have access to change grades up to thirteen (13) months after the end of the grading period. After that time, instructors should see their department or school student records contact for procedures to change grades. OPUS access to online grade changes is limited to active Emory employees. If an instructor is no longer an active Emory employee, please consult your department head or dean. Grade proxies do not have access to change grades.

The "instructor of record" is responsible for entering grades for their course section(s) online.

Access to the grade roster will be limited to the instructor(s) whose name and ID are recorded in OPUS as teaching the class, and to any grade proxies who have been formally requested and recorded by the University Registrar's Office. Only those designated in OPUS to enter grades will be able to enter them online. While proxies may assist in grade entry, it is the instructor's responsibility to submit the final grade roster online in OPUS.

The University has a legal obligation to protect the privacy of students and the confidentiality of student records.  Faculty members who have teaching and advising responsibilities are authorized to access student records information on a need to know basis. It is important and essential to refer to Emory University’s FERPA policy statement before releasing any information about students.

The public posting of grades on office, class, or department bulletin boards, or on the web, using students’ names, ID numbers, social security numbers, or any non-secure identifier is prohibited under federal law. Because OPUS is password-protected, students may view their grades as they are posted and so provides a way to report grades to students that is in compliance with federal privacy laws. 

Do not leave an OPUS session open or unattended. Protect your logon ID and password. Do not post your logon ID and password anywhere in your office; others might see it and use it to gain access to the system. Do not share your logon ID and password. 

(Knowing your logon ID and password makes it possible to access your payroll information and other confidential information via the Human Resources on-line system.) University policy states that “You should not disclose your password to anyone, nor should you use someone else's password. You are responsible for all activities done in or from your account.” 

Summer 2019Faculty Grade Entry Deadline
Session 1
Faculty Grade Entry Deadline
Session 2 and Regular Session
Oxford CollegeN/AN/A
Emory CollegeJuly 5August 15
Graduate SchoolN/AAugust 15
School of NursingN/AAugust 15
School of Public HealthN/AAugust 14
August 9, 5pm for graduating students
School of TheologyN/AAugust 10
School of Medicine/AHN/AAugust 13
Business School August 14
Law School(Session A)
July 5
(Session B)
August 18
SchoolFaculty Grade Entry Deadline
Fall 2018
Faculty Grade Entry Deadline
Spring 2019
Oxford CollegeDec 20 @ 4pmMay 9 @ 4pm
Emory CollegeDec 28May 9 @10 AM (Graduating Students in classes w/ Exams taken on before May 8)
May 10 @10AM (Graduating Students in classes w/ Exams taken on May 8)
May 16 (All Other Students)
Graduate SchoolDec 28May 16
School of NursingDec 28May 16
School of Public HealthDecember 21st @ noon (graduating)
Dec 27, @ 5pm (all others)
May 8 @ 5pm (graduating)
May 15 @ 5pm (all others)
School of TheologyDec 19 @ noonMay 13 @ 5pm
School of MedicineDec 26May 15
Business SchoolDec 28May 8 (graduating students)
May 17 (all others)
Law SchoolJan 8, 2019May 20