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PhotosName Building Capacity Department Features
View gallery BOWDEN_216Bowden Hall20Philosophy
View gallery MLANG_407Modern Languages10QTM
View gallery ROLLIN1033Rollins Research Center12Biology
View gallery BOWDEN_323Bowden Hall20History
View gallery CALLWYN203Callaway Memorial Center21English
View gallery CALLWYS221Callaway Memorial CenterReligion
View gallery CALLWYS423Callaway Memorial Center20ILA
View gallery CALLWYS501Callaway Memorial Center26Spanish and Portuguese
View gallery 1462CR1091462 Clifton Rd Building 24Biology
View gallery MLANG_128Modern Languages18German Studies
View gallery ROLLIN1052Rollins Research Center30Biology
View gallery ROLLIN2052Rollins Research Center36Biology
View gallery TARBTN_104Tarbutton Hall12Sociology
View gallery TARBTN_313Tarbutton Hall10Political Science
View gallery WH_100White Hall20Undergraduate Education
View gallery WH_200White Hall20Undergraduate Education
View gallery ANTH_110Anthropology Building12Anthropology
View gallery ANTH_206Anthropology Building20Anthropology
View gallery CALLWYC201Callaway Memorial Center20English
View gallery CALLWYN106Callaway Memorial Center20Comparative Literature
View gallery CALLWYN204Callaway Memorial Center25English
View gallery CALLWYN301Callaway Memorial Center20English
View gallery CALLWYS319Callaway Memorial Center23MESAS
View gallery 1462CR1261462 Clifton Rd Building 40Biology
View gallery 1462CR3081462 Clifton Rd Building 80Biology
View gallery LIBC_125Candler Library16Women's Studies
View gallery LIBC_207DCandler Library18African American Studies
View gallery LIBC_212Candler Library18Jewish Studies
View gallery LIBC_222ACandler Library14Classics
View gallery ROLLIN1133Rollins Research Center12Biology
View gallery ROLLIN2133Rollins Research CenterBiology
View gallery TARBTN_116Tarbutton Hall10Political Science
View gallery TARBTN120ATarbutton Hall20Political Science
View gallery TARBTN_206Tarbutton Hall33Sociology
View gallery CALLWYC202Callaway Memorial Center20French and Italian
View gallery CARLOSCONFCarlos Hall15Art History
View gallery MLANG_127Modern Languages20REEALC
View gallery MLANG_302Modern Languages14REEALC
View gallery MLANG_201Modern Languages30German Studies
View gallery BRB_107Burlington Road Building25Music
View gallery BRB_108Burlington Road Building30Music
View gallery BRB_204Burlington Road Building12Music
View gallery BRB_307Burlington Road Building20Music
View gallery 1462CR1131462 Clifton Rd Building 40Biology
View gallery 1462CR2311462 Clifton Rd Building 20NBB
View gallery MSC_E406Mathematics and Science Center20Math and Computer Science
View gallery MSC_E408Mathematics and Science Center20Math and Computer Science
View gallery MSC_N301Mathematics and Science Center16Physics
View gallery MSC_W201Mathematics and Science Center70Math and Computer Science
View gallery MSC_W301Mathematics and Science Center40Math and Computer Science
View gallery MSC_W302Mathematics and Science Center30Math and Computer Science
View gallery MSC_W303Mathematics and Science Center40Math and Computer Science
View gallery MSC_W304Mathematics and Science Center30Math and Computer Science
View gallery MSC_W306Mathematics and Science Center30Math and Computer Science
View gallery MSC_W502Mathematics and Science Center18ENVS
View gallery MSC_W507Mathematics and Science Center21ENVS
View gallery PAIS_280PAIS Psychology Building50Psychology
View gallery PAIS_361PAIS Psychology Building16Psychology
View gallery PAIS_393PAIS Psychology Building16Psychology
View gallery PAIS_394PAIS Psychology Building10Psychology
View gallery PAIS_494PAIS Psychology Building12Psychology
View gallery RICH_201Rich Memorial Building18Theater Studies
View gallery RICH_205Rich Memorial Building24Theater Studies
View gallery RICH_207Rich Memorial Building16Theater Studies
View gallery RICH_210Rich Memorial Building24Theater Studies
View gallery RICH_301Rich Memorial Building16Economics