Course Numbering

In general, a course numbered 499 or lower is an undergraduate course. Undergraduate courses are normally numbered as follows:

100 Freshman Level

200 Sophomore Level

300 Junior Level

400 Senior Level

Courses numbered 500 or higher are graduate courses. Graduate courses are normally numbered as follows:

500 Masters Level

700 PhD Level

  • A course number ending in A or B indicates a "Sequence" course, usually an undergraduate Honors sequence in which both parts must be completed to earn full credit for the sequence.
  • A supervision course number ending in R is repeatable for credit. Courses most commonly in this category are Directed Study, Research and Seminar courses. A Special Topics course is repeatable when the topic changes.
  • A course number ending in S indicates a course that is a post-Freshman seminar, whose three-digit course number is other than 190, 191.
  • WR indicates a course that satisfies the post-freshman writing requirement in the College General Education Curriculum (Fall 1998).

The provisions of this course offering listing are subject to change without notice and do not constitute an irrevocable contract between any student and the University.