ARCHE (Cross Registration)

ARCHE Cross Registration is a program developed and sponsored by the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education.

Under certain conditions the program allows students to take a course at a member institution that may not be offered at the home institution.

Students must be full-time and in good standing.

Courses are taken on a space available basis.

The student is registered at the host institution as a "special" student only.

Cross Registration does not constitute regular admission and the student has access only to those facilities needed to successfully complete the course(s).

Emory University students who wish to enroll for courses at an ARCHE member institution must complete a Cross Registration application form and receive approval from their school dean or academic advisor, and the University Registrar.

Applications must be received in the Registrar’s Office by the deadline date.

There may be other requirements for enrollment (immunization records).

ARCHE (Cross Registration)


Information for Emory Students

Application Deadlines

  • July 15 for Fall Semester
  • November 15 for Spring Semester
  • Emory does not participate in summer cross registration

Other Requirements

  • State schools (such as GSU, UGA, GA TECH, etc.) require proof of immunizations prior to enrollment.  Please be prepared to supply these documents at the time of application. For more information, please link to: Student Health Services.
  • All Emory students participating in cross registration will comply with decisions made by the host and home school coordinators.
  • Course work completed at the host school may be taken for letter grade. However, course work transferred to Emory will be recorded as S/U basis and credit for hours earned will be applied to the student’s Emory academic record.
  • A new application must be completed for each semester you plan to participate in the cross registration program.
  • All applications must have the (signed) approval of the student's dean or program director.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline may not be considered.

Please complete the application, including your advisor or dean’s signature, and submit it directly to the Cross Registration Coordinator at Emory’s Registrar’s Office, 100 B Jones Center,

Attn: Arche Coordinator (, 404/727-6042.

ARCHE Application

For further information on participating ARCHE schools, please access the following link: Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE)

Students from other ARCHE member institutions who wish to enroll at Emory University must contact their home institution ARCHE cross registration coordinator for information and application. 

Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE)

Fall: July 15 Spring: November 15

Information for Visiting Students

The following schools within Emory University participate in cross registration

  • Emory College of Arts and Sciences
  • Graduate School (by permission only)
  • Goizueta Business School (by permission only)
  • Rollins School of Public Health (by permission only)
  • Candler School of Theology (contact Candler directly)

(Medical, Law, Nursing, Allied Health - do not participate in ARCHE)

Emory University does not participate in cross registration during the summer.

On-line or Distance Learning courses are not eligible for cross registration enrollment.

Contact your host school for any additional application process: ARCHE

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Schedule of Courses

Participating in cross registration during your final semester is not recommended due to final grades not being available in time for your graduation.

How do I cross register with other ARCHE member institutions?

With permission of the dean of the college, full-time students in good standing may enroll in courses offered by any member institution of the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE), provided that the course is not offered at Emory.

Emory students who wish to enroll for courses at an ARCHE member institution must complete a Cross Registration application form. NOTE: Cross Registration is not offered during the Summer Semester at Emory University.

Application forms can also be obtained from the Office of the Registrar or from the Emory College of Arts & Sciences Office.

Students receive credit ONLY.

Grades for these courses are not a part of the academic record at Emory.

What schools participate in ARCHE?

Click on this link for a complete list of ARCHE institutions.


What is required to cross register at another school?

  1. A completed application (submitted by the deadline date) with your advisors signature and Registrar’s approval.
  2. A copy of your immunization (you are responsible for sending to visiting school).
  3. You must be a full time degree seeking student in good academic standing.
  4. The course you want to take is not offered at Emory.
  5. You understand enrollment through the cross registration program is not guaranteed.

Is there an extra tuition cost to cross register?

Since you are a full time student at Emory, there is no additional charge for tuition to cross register.

How many classes may I cross register for?

You may take up to 2 classes per semester and a total of 18 hours as a cross registration student.

As a cross registration student, am I sure to get into the class I want to take at the host school?

No – enrollment through the ARCHE program does not guaranteed enrollment. Enrollment is based upon “space available in the course”. If there are open seats in the class, after the host’s school’s regular enrollment, then students that wish to cross register may be enrolled.

Schools also have the right to limit courses that are offered through cross registration.