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Carter Rhodes Memorial Testing Center

For teachers and researchers in the Emory community, we offer fast, accurate, and free scanning and reports of optical-mark answer sheet. These Scantron answer sheets are available in our office for your convenience and can be used for classroom examinations, instructor and meeting evaluations, and surveys.

We are no longer a testing site for the LSAT, GRE and similar examinations. Learn more information about where such tests are given.

Our Services

For instructors and researchers at Emory, we offer:

Electronic Scanning of Optical-Mark Forms Available For

  • multiple-choice and true/false examinations
  • course, instructor, meeting, and seminar evaluations

Answer Sheet Supply

  • Standard answer sheets are available at our office.

Results Provided in the Form of (depending on the job) PDF, html, TIF, txt, RTF, and MS Excel.

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Quick Reference Guide

Helpful resources

Please see below for details on using our exam scanning service:

Consider which turnaround time best fits your needs

  • When you need your results within 24 hours or less, please request an appointment at least one business day in advance through the online scheduling portal, via email at registr@emory.edu, or by calling 404-727-7780.
    • Please note that however you schedule your appointment, it will be confirmed using Calendly online scheduling system.
  • When 24-48 hours is an acceptable turnaround time, please feel welcome to walk in anytime during normal business hours (M-F 8:30-4:30)!

Prepare your exam materials prior to drop off

  • Create an answer key for each version of the exam
    • If you have any special requests (multiple point values, bonus questions, etc), please write them at the top. View “Exam and Survey Reports” for more details on the advanced grading features we offer
  • Complete a cover sheet for each class’s exam (blank hardcopies are available at our front desk)

Bring your cover sheet, answer key(s), and answer sheets (stacked face-up and in proper orientation) to our office