Common Errors and Problems

Please read the marking instructions on both sides of answer sheet.

  • Exam submitted without a key sheet. The scanner won’t know what to do!
  • Exam submitted without a cover sheet. We won’t know whose exam we scored!
  • Appointments requested less than one business day in advance. In these cases, we cannot guarantee 24 hour turnaround service but will do everything we can to process your exams as quickly as possible.
  • Mis-keyed items. Please double check your answers!
  • Names and/or IDs not bubbled in—but only written in the boxes.  The scanner ignores handprint. We don’t care, but you will—your reports (and datafiles) will have scores with no identifying information.
  • Use of ink pens on answer sheets. The scanner treats this as a blank answer sheet; also, answers cannot be changed.
  • Dirty erasures. This could cause the scanner to read more than one answer as marked.
  • Torn answer sheets or answer sheets with folded or frayed edges, paper clips and staples. These can jam in the scanner.
  • Photocopied answer sheets. These will not scan.
  • Answer sheets not uniformly oriented in a stack. The scanner rejects these. Take advantage of the cut corner (on our standard answer sheet) to align all sheets the same way.
  • Random appearance of unused, blank answer sheets in stack among answer sheets. These get a score of zero, which pulls down the class average and affects other statistics.
  • Random appearance of post-it notes, or any non-scannable exams (such as the questions themselves). Nothing should be in the stack but scannable answer sheets.
  • Stray marks, especially along the left and bottom edges. These are reserved for scanner system marks.
  • Dark marks that do not completely fill the circles, such as light checkmark or X.
  • Missing key responses. It is not uncommon for key sheets to be submitted with skipped, unmarked item responses. Therefore, we will assume such skipped items to be intentional. To save time and avoid rescoring, please make sure that all your answers are marked on the key, that any skips are indeed intentional.