Preparing Answer Keys

All exams require a key sheet, against which our scanner matches your respondents’ answers.

For successful processing, please complete your cover sheet and fill out your key(s) according to the following guidelines:

  • Bubble in all correct answers and double check them for accuracy
  • Darken in the circles for each correct answer. Make sure that all marks are dark and completely fill the circles.
  • If you have multiple versions of an exam, please bubble in the correct letter in the box marked “Form or Version”
  • Starting March 27, 2017, you are welcome to bring all versions in one stack, and the reports will be available in PDF. Grades will also be sent in Excel, but please note that our new software will grade any blank versions as Version A by default, so please remind students to bubble in their test version.
  • Instructors must detail special requests (listed on our Exam and Survey Reports page) at the top of the key, or we will not be able to process them. If you would like the exam name to be included in your results (For example, Quiz 8), please include that at the top as well. 
  • Our scanner scores items as incorrect when the answer key is not blank and the student’s answer does not match the key.
  • An item does not count toward the raw score if the answer key is blank for that item.

Please read the Common Errors and Problems page to ensure trouble-free scanning of your exam.